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Rakiya - EPK

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About Rakiya


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"White lightning"... this is the essence of Rakiya, a six-person band based in the Boston area. Our music is as varied as the Balkans: energetic Serbian dance tunes, Bulgarian and Macedonian Rom wedding music in exotic and compelling meters, fascinating Greek melodies, and sinuous, hypnotic Turkish songs of love and longing. We can keep a whole room jumping, pumping out volumes of energy in new and exciting rhythms, or entrance audiences with ancient songs that evoke as much passion today as when they were first composed.

Short Bio

Rakiya is a Boston-based Balkan folk rock band that plays mostly Rom (Gypsy) songs and dance tunes. The band was formed in 2010 and has been actively performing around Boston and New England since then. Their unique sound and high-energy performances have earned them critical acclaim.


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When the New England Folk Festival (NEFFA) could not be live in 2022, Rakiya performed via Zoom in a living room with just a couple of dancers to demonstrate the steps. Here is the Zoom recording.


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Label: red nun 6 records, Colin Ferguson |


Management/Booking: Heather Lee | 

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